Agenda 21 – Replacement Migration – United Nations

*UN Replacement Migration Program:*

*United Nations definition of genocide:*

*United Nations „Replacement Migration“ program results:*

*High IQ Birth Rates Below Replacement Levels While Low IQ Birth Rates Explode:*

*Hollywood Demonizing Straight White Males:*

*TV Demonizing Straight White Women:*

*Why are people allowing America to be destroyed?:

*Who controls Hollywood?:*

*European Genocide Documentary:*

*Mixed Relationships Promoted For Whites While Flooding Endangered Populations With Non-White Immigrants:*

*Call for end of European race:*

*Call for end of borders and ‚racial interbreeding‘ for ‚world peace‘ by Head of World Bank:*

_“The goal is to meet the challenge of racial interbreeding… Not to intermarry racially is bad for the survival of the country.”_ -French President, Nicolas Sarkozy

*Call by French President for „interbreeding“:*

*War on European genetics:*

*Father of the European Union on extincting Europeans:*

*Former Goldman Sachs executive speaks out against NWO Mind Assault Worldwide:*

_The United Nations is biologically engineering a future population which will be easier for them to control. They’re achieving this primarily through ‚entertainment‘ medias and institutionalized indoctrination of cultural Marxism through common core:_

*Zionist Occupied Government:*

*Blank check to Israel as homeless veterans starve on the streets:*

*Europeans waking up across the world:

What is Agenda 21?:

What group has most control of America?:_

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