Ian Melrose: Smoke On The Water

Ian Melrose plays an Avalon L325C fingerstyle guitar and uses DR Strings

This version as an mp3 is available from Acoustic Music Records

Sometimes it’s fun to do something people don’t expect, to revel in something a bit “over the top” and simply enjoy J. One day I was idly playing around on the guitar and found myself doing the iconic opening riff of “Smoke on the Water”, and a friend thought it was somehow cool, so – surprised – I continued and weeks later this version was ready. Add to that playing around in the studio with my good friend and sound wizard/engineer Jörg Surrey ( to get a hugely satisfying BIG yet acoustic sound, I then thought: yes, maybe it’s okay to send yet another cover of this piece out into the world! Incidentally, the first LP I ever bought with my own pocket money was “Deep Purple in Rock” – so it’s nice to do a kind of tribute after this long while J If you enjoy listening to it even half as much as I enjoyed doing it, then we’re all having a good time!

Ian Melrose

Ian Melrose also uses G7th Capos, Reinhold cables and Finhol Stompboxes.