John Harris Last Ever Interview

John did his very last interview some weeks ago. We would like to share this with you.

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Guest John Harris and Graham discuss:

It’s an Illusion
John regretting how he went about publishing his knowledge
Self-deprecation from John
Slaves are dumb-asses
John’s new book coming out in a few weeks
The state of humanity and where it might end-up

One of the best interviews I’ve ever heard, I relate to much of what John says and is going through. I like his honesty and I do relate to him.

John Harris – It’s an Illusion
John Harris – It’s an Illusion II
John Harris – A Carpenter’s View
John Harris – Undermining Democracy
John Harris – History from a different perspective

 R.I.P John Harris

john-harrisIts with sad regret to inform you all that John Harris has past away. I would first like to ask that every one please respect the wishe for privacy of the family at this difficult time. and also if you feel the need to get in touch, you can email

John has been a father to me for so many years, he showed me compassion, love and respect and never wanted anything in return and for that i thank you John

John influenced my life in a massive way, and made me the person i am today, and for that John i thank you.

i will miss our daily conversations, are jokes and the times we called each other names. I will miss the times we have moaned at each other, told each other when we were wrong. but the most i will miss is you.

You could talk for ever and often i could never get a word in, i used to say to you that i wished you would give it a break. But now, i would love just to hear you talk again.

I love you John, like a father, like a brother and especially as a friend. I will miss you my friend.

Love You Ben

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